About me

Hi, my name is Lukasz Jaskolski.
I was born in Northern Poland.
My education:
Technician degree in Interior Architecture
Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Graphics Design

I used to work as a freelancer doing anything from website visuals, event 3d animations, medical illustrations, to 3d architectural & product visualizations, 3d portraits and concept art. Since 2010 I have abandoned 3d, to entirelly focus on digital painting.
Currently I work as a freelance illustrator.
I specialize in characters, figurative and battle scenes. I am also experienced in designing creatures, weapons, armor, as well as all kinds of war machinery.
Most of my work are fantasy and sci-fi genre. I have good kowledge of many popular franchises (D&D, Warhammer, Star wars, Lotr, Warcraft universe etc.)

Software that I'm familiar with are:
Photoshop, 3dsmax (Vray, MentalRay), Zbrush, Flash

4th place "Dominance War 4 - War General Pet Portraits" at GameArtisians.org
2nd place "Bad-Ass Gun challenge" at theArtOrder.com
Gold Award for "Tomb Encounter" at CGHub.com

EXOTIQUE 6 - Ballistic Publishing, 2010
d'artiste: Character Design - Ballistic Publishing, 2011
EXPOSÉ 9 - Ballistic Publishing, 2011

My galleries on other websites

My gallery at CgHub.com

My profile at ArtOrder.ning.com

Selling art prints

Buy my art prints at Artflakes.com (shipping from Berlin, Germany)

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