My name is Lukasz Jaskolski, I live in Poland, and I work as a freelance illustrator. I am a former 3d generalist, and professional digital painter since 2010. To see what I'm creating now, and what I did before just browse through my galleries. If you need more info about me, or want to buy my art prints - check the "about" section. You should also find my email adress above left menu.

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Recently added

Here is one of many pairs of cards I did for Applibot's Legend of the Cryptids. The third illustration is "Judgement of Verena" card for FFG's Warhammer Invasion.

hell fortress patrolman hell fortress patrolman advanced judgement of verena


September 2013
Finally found some time to update my portfolio with most recent works.

September 2012
My illustration "Lionstar" goes on the cover of Game of Thrones' chapter pack "The Great Fleet". Copyright © 2012 Fantasy Flight Games.

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